Thursday, December 6, 2007

HW#35 Almost last blog post

Okay so the semester is coming to an end, and this is pretty much the last blog post, but it was not all a waist. I have learned so much about so many things. Mostly how to keep a blog, I have never been very good about keeping up with things, like continuing to post. i can't believe how easy it was, granted I did have to do it for a class, but I always thought it would be hard to do then it was. But I have learned so much more then just how to keep a blog, I have learned about the history and uses of blogs other then the use that this blog is. But of it all my favorite thing that I have learned, is the culture of Iraq, I know I still have so much more to learn, but I have learned so much. I hope by reading my blog other can learn about Iraq's culture. And I hope that I have gotten everything right about their culture. I am sorry if I did mention something that is incorrect.

I do not know if I will continue to post on this blog, not so sure I have much to talk about, seeing as this blog was mainly about what I learned from this class, but I may add a few things once in awhile. Who knows?
I don't even know if anyone who isn't from this class is reading this blog, so why keep it going?

HW# 34 gold in the family

HW# 34

A lot of the Iraq families have gold, but many of them have lost it because the military doesn't know about the culture of Iraq. I never knew either until I read about it in Baghdad Burning. Riverbend says that almost every family has gold now. They have it from the dowries from when they get married. Also many of the families changed in their life savings into gold when the dollar value went down, that way they didn't loss some of their savings. When the military invade their houses to check for weapons they find the gold and think that the family stole it from someone who is rich enough to have gold. They then take the gold, so the families loss they life savings, all because the military doesn't know about the culture of Iraq. Why did we not teach them before they went over there seeing as we are supposed to be over their to help them rebuild their country, not that they need our help, because they were fine until we went over there and destroyed it.

HW#33 Teens working to help their families

“Iraqi Teens Work to Help Their Families” 10/15/07

Alive in Baghdad

This episode made me so sad, these children are 14 and 15 they shouldn't be working to help support their family. they shouldn't have to, the war has made it so bad that they have to work for their families but they can't even make it to their shop, they now have to do their work at their house. The last things they said made me feel so bad, made me wonder about what they think of our country, they asked the world to stop sending terrorists to their country, are they talking about the military from America, because they don't belong there?? I thought that was what they were talking about when they said that, they think our military are terrorist, but are they not? I mean they don't want them there, and the military are killing people, so how can we not put ourselves in their shoes and think of ourselves as terrorists?

There was a 14 year old who was in sixth grade and he was going to work instead of going to school, just so they could help their families. Him and his Brother work for their family, but instead of going to the shop like they used to they now work in their homes, inside the walls that surround their yard, it looks so dirty because of all the dust from the furniture they are building. The other boy that appears in the video is a university student who can't get work.

HW#32 more Burqas, habibs, and veils

Hw#32 Burqas, habibs and veils

I have always been interested in cultures that wear head dresses, but I never knew what they were, and why they wore them. After reading about them throughout the book I have found that I didn't know anything about what head dresses are for. Most of the reading was on pages 70-97 in Baghdad burning. Riverbend says that they are a religious choice to wear, or should I say were a choice. Now because of the war most women wear headdresses not because of religious choice but for their safety. If women are not wearing them they often get stooped and harassed. I never knew that the headdresses were a religious choice, and it makes me sad that they no longer are. I wish that they could just go back to living their life like they were before the war. I guess I never really knew anything about their culture.

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Homework #42

Our last podcast.....

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HW# 37 Second podcast..

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HW#36 my first podcast

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